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Training for young surgeons in the most experienced institutes in india and russia

This Diploma certification training course is a joint endeavour between the RISC RTO & CFIT India. The trainee will spend 6 months as a clinical fellow in CFIT India. He will see/perform complex limb lengthening , deformity correction & reconstruction surgeries as an assistant / surgeon. he will be trained thoroughly in IIizarov , LRS & TSF fixators and learn the all- important Pre Op Planing and post - operative management. Training will be given in both centers.

@ Center for Ilizarov Techniques , (CFIT India) Akola, Maharashtra, India.

The oldest & most experienced Ilizarov center in India since 1989. It has treated patients from 21 of 31 states of India & from 4 of 5 contienents of the world. The center has trained more than young Orthopedic surgeons in 6 month & 1 yr fellowships since 1990

@ RISC RTO, Ilizarov Institute, Kurgan ,Russia

Birthplace of the Ilizarov techniques & world's largest Orthopedic Hospital will host a short training course at kurgan. The world's most experienced Surgeons will teach advanced Ilizarov techniques.