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We offer excellent opportunities for job satisfaction in an employee friendly workplace.

1) Full Time Orthopaedic Surgeon

We are looking for a bright and highly skilled Orthopaedic Surgeon within 3 years of obtaining a M.S. Orth. Degree from a reputed Govt Medical College in India. Age should preferably be less than 32 years.
Qualities we look for are willingness to learn and work hard.Skill sets we are looking for:
General Orthopaedics and at least one more speciality like Arthroscopy or Spine surgery.
We will train you to work with Ilizarov techniques at all levels.

  • * Excellent starting salary with incentives for performing each surgery

  • * Accomodation for family

  • * Possibility of attending at least 4 Orthopaedic Conference nationally

  • * Chance to present academic papers at at least 6 regional and national conferences

  • * Chance to travel abroad for a conference after the first year, once a year

  • *Oother performance based incentives.

  • * Possiblity of yearly increment in salary and incentives based on performance.

2) Physiotherapist

We are looking for a hard working and intelligent Physiotherapist who has recently qualified from a Govt Physiotherapy college.
Must be willing to understand and work with patients undergoing Limb Lengthening and deformity correction surgeries. We offer

  • * Excellent starting salary

  • * Performance based incentives

  • * Accomodation

  • * Travel for conferences at least twice a year.

3) Web Designer & DTP specialist

We need a innovative web designer to update our website on a daily basis. Must have recent DTP skills and proficiency in web design and site management

4) Research Assistant

We are looking for a young lady with a degree in Science or Maths who can work on our ongoing research projects for publication in Scientific journals.
A willingness to learn and work hard are main pre-requisites. We offer

  • * Good starting salary with performance based incentives

  • * Accomodation

  • * Ability to travel for two conferences every year

Contact: chaudharyhospital2013@gmail.com

Call (0724) 2414895 2415265 or 2415398
Between 11am and 7 pm on weekdays except Mondays.